Headquarters for the development of soft technologies and identity makers
Iran Technology Development Fund
Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
Headquarters for the Development of Culture, Science and Technology, Knowledge Economy, Founder of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency
University of Tehran Research and Technology Fund
Syntech Accelerator
Fekr Bartar Law Company
DMOND Accelerator
P.Arasteh Charity
Saman Pendar
University of Tehran
Amirkabir University of Technology
University of Tehran Science and Technology Park
Shiraz University
Iranian Venture Capital Association
Armani Technology Development Venture Capital Fund
Farabi Accelerator
Ferdowsi Business Accelerator
Hostiran Accelerator
Karaya Angel Investors Group
Smartup Ventures
Promotion of E-banking and Professional Training
Axell Business Accelerator
Innovation & Technology Center
Jahesh Accelerator
Sharif Venture Capital Fund
Sarir Startup Land
Banian Network
Torfeh Negar
Eco System
Azad News Agency
Fintech Innovation Nova
Inotech Ashena Venture Capital
Partiyan Venture Capital
RahyaftAndisheFarda Consulting Engineering