This Privacy Policy constitutes a legal agreement between you, as the user of the website, and KarenCrowd, as the owner of the Website. Throughout this Privacy Policy we will refer to you as "you", and we will refer to KarenCrowd as "we", "us" or "KarenCrowd".

1. Application

This Privacy Policy sets out the principles governing our use of your Personal Data (we define the term "Personal Data" below). It applies to you as soon as you first use the Website, and you are deemed to have agreed to be bound by it upon your first use of the Website. If you do not wish to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy, please stop using the Website now.

2. Relationship to Other Agreements

In addition to this Privacy Policy, our other agreements (Terms of Service and Risk warning) apply to you and everyone else who uses the Website. During the course of your use of the Website, you may choose to agree to be bound by certain other agreements and they set out the substantive terms that govern your relationship with us when you make use of our platform. All Website Agreements will continue to apply to you even after you have agreed to these Agreements.

3. Collecting Your Personal Data

When you use the Website, we may ask you to provide certain data, such as your contact details, banking details, demographic information, employment and educational history and, in the case of entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital through the KarenCrowd platform, information about your business. We may supplement the information you provide us with information we receive from third parties. We refer to all of this information – both what you provide us and what we collect from other sources – as your "Personal Data".

The principal purposes for which we process and store your Personal Data are:

• To confirm your identity in order to create the investment account.

• To conduct required anti-money laundering checks on you in connection with certain transactions you may conduct via the Website.

• To process payments in connection with the services provided on the Website.

• In the case of entrepreneurs seeking capital, to verify and approve the disclosures you make to potential investors.

• To monitor, improve and administer the Website and the services provided on the Website.

• To enable us to conduct surveys and aggregate user profiles.

• To provide you with information on selected products and selected services that we think may be of interest to you (unless you have asked us not to do so).

• To enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

• To contact you to ensure customer satisfaction in respect of our role as a website provider and assist you in getting the best value from our service.

4. We Will Not Share Your Personal Data

Any of your Personal Data that is collected by us will be kept confidential by KarenCrowd and its affiliates, and we will not disclose it to any third parties. The only exceptions to this are:

• We may disclose certain of your Personal Data to third-party service-providers solely in the course of their provision of services to KarenCrowd. We will take reasonable precautions to ensure that these service-providers are obligated to keep confidential any of your Personal Data that they use.

• We may disclose certain of your Personal Data if we are required to do so by law, regulation or order of court or other legitimate government body or arbitration panel. This includes, among other things, any Personal Data that may be requested by governmental Authority.

• We may tell you in one of the Platform Agreements that we will disclose certain of your Personal Data in connection with a transaction you conduct through the Website.

5. Changes of Business Ownership and Control

We may, from time to time, expand, reduce or sell our business, and this may involve the transfer of certain divisions or the whole business to other parties. Your Personal Data will, where it is relevant to any division so transferred, be transferred along with that division.

6. Security of Your Personal Data

We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data, including the use of encryption technology. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any Personal Data you disclose online. In using the Website, you accept the inherent security implications of engaging in transactions online over the internet, and you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless we have been grossly negligent or in willful default.

Some links are to service providers that we believe offer complementary services, and in some instances we may receive a commission for referrals. However, we do not control or take any responsibility for the actions of any such service providers, including without limitation if those service providers use your personal information in any inappropriate manner. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites. We may share your personal information with unaffiliated businesses that you request to learn more information about or that you request to provide you with services.

We may access certain information of yours that exists on third party sites such as We will only access such information if you grant us permission to do so, such as by clicking on a link on our Site. We may use your information in any way consistent with this Privacy Policy, and we may also use your profile picture from such sites on our Site.

If you sign a petition on our Site, we may deliver the petition including whatever personal information you provided us in signing the petition to the designated recipient(s) of the petition.

7. Use of Cookies and Log files

"Cookies" are small files that reside on your computer's hard drive, generally contain an anonymous unique identifier and are accessible only by the website that placed them there and not any other sites. may set and access Cookies on your computer. In addition, we may gather certain information about you, including details of your operating system, browser version, domain name and IP address, and the details of any website you linked from to the Website. We do this in order to enable us to provide the services available on the Website and to monitor and improve the Website.

To the extent that we have third-party advertisements on the Website, those third parties may also place, set and access Cookies on your computer. They do this to track how many unique users have seen a particular ad and to provide advertisements that are more relevant to a given user's interests. We do not have access to these cookies, and other than allowing them to be served, we play no role in these Cookies at all.

You can choose to enable or disable Cookies in your web browser. By default, your browser will accept Cookies, however this can be altered. In addition, you may delete Cookies that have already been placed on your hard drive. For further details please consult the help menu in your browser. Disabling or deleting Cookies may prevent you from using the full range of services available on the Website.

8. Communications between You and KarenCrowd

We may intercept record and/or monitor any communication(s) (including telephone calls or other electronic communications) between you and us. We may do so in order to resolve queries in the future and for the purposes of ensuring security, staff training and complying with our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

In the case of communications by email you should note that, as emails are not encrypted (and may therefore be intercepted by third parties) and as the identity of the sender cannot be confirmed, you must NOT provide your security details by email and should avoid providing any Personal Data to us by email.

9. Changes to Your Personal Data

If you see that any of your Personal Data that is included in the "Profile" section of your account is inaccurate, please revise or update it using the Website. Alternatively, if you believe that any of the Personal Data we hold about you is inaccurate, you may write to us at the company’s closest agent in order to correct it. It is your responsibility to ensure that any Personal Data you have provided to us remains accurate and to notify us (either by the Website or by letter) if there are any changes in your Personal Data.

10. KarenCrowd tools

Among the Services offered by there are some tools (software systems) to analyze your project and help you to fill better information. These tools are web-based business planning, analysis, and funding systems associated with business planning and funding. The Service does not consider any securities information in the analysis it performs, nor does it render advice regarding securities; Enterprise Analyzer is provided solely for informational purposes and therefore is not an offer to buy or sell a security, and is not warranted to be accurate, complete, or timely. Analytics on businesses are generated computationally based on the business plan without regard to any securities information and regardless of whether the company pays to be listed. does not receive payment from third parties for generating Analytics. Analytics on businesses cannot be manipulated or augmented by paying KarenCrowd for services. KarenCrowd tools Analytics are generated regardless of whether a company is seeking funding.

Tools and analytics are primarily provided to businesses so they can evaluate their business from different angel. If you have questions, you can contact

11. Revisions

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy to take account of changes in the law or for any other reason. If we update this Privacy Policy, we will post a new version on the Website, and as soon as you use the Website after they are posted, you will be deemed to have agreed to the updated version, but you will still be bound by the terms of any previous versions to which you have agreed or been deemed to agree. If there is a conflict between two versions of the Privacy Policy to which you have agreed or been deemed to agree, the more recent version shall take precedence unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

12. Choice of Law

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran. If you want to bring a legal action against us, or we want to bring a legal action against you, it must be done in one of the courts in Iran.

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy or would like to suggest improvements, please contact us at